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Pride Public Insurance Adjusters is an independent public adjusting firm offering private insurance claims assistance to commercial businesses and residential property owners with a covered insurance loss due to hurricane fire water flood storm wing hail tornado earthquake aviation cyber space content damage claims in city of Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and surrounding cities and all Southern California.

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Thousand oaks Public Insurance Adjusters

Recent Disasters in Thousand Oaks & Newbury Park

Spring fires consumed thousands of acres affecting the Newbury Park area this May. Fire crews scrambled to clear berms near Borchard Road in an effort to prevent flooding. Few hot spots remained after cool, humid air filled the coast. Large areas of land were flattened when the fire spread over several acres. Air tankers dropped fire retardant near fire crews in rugged, steep terrain to battle the Gorgonio fire off Highway 243 in Banning. The fire was 20% contained at 650 acres. Seven air tankers and two helicopters were on the scene. A fire crew made up of prison inmates climbed through a burned area in Hidden Valley looking for hot spots. Scorched earth, charred trees and blackened hillsides were left behind from the Springs fire above Hidden Valley. Some crews were dispatched to keep an eye on a smoldering area along Potrero Road in Newbury Park where crews lit backfires to prevent further spread of the Springs fire. Residents in a solemn mood gathered to watch as fire crews mopped up after pushing the fires away from the area. Firefighters from as far as Stockton, California and Portland, Oregon traveled in to assist local firefighters as the fire spread over several areas along the 101 freeway. Smoke traveled into the San Fernando Valley and rose into the mountains above Malibu filling the skies with a red hue.

What To Do After Experiencing Fire Damage

Collect any photos that you had prior to the fire, they can be any photo that shows your home prior to the damage, even family holiday photos can be helpful. Then take photos showing damage after the fire took place. Make and keep copies of the photos safe for your records since you’ll have to provide a copy to your insurance company. Most people think of smoke as being the only remnant left from a fire, but fire can cause other issues like flooding which can lead to water damage and usually mold. Make a list of all of your damages and losses so you have a complete inventory. If possible, take pictures of replacement items and price so you can estimate your losses. Record everything you remember about the fire down to the last detail such as where the fire started, what parts of your home did it infringe on first, how it impacted your belongings, etc. That way if you need to call for repair estimates, you’ll be prepared. If you were unable to repair all of the damages on your own, it’s a good idea to retrieve estimates from at least 3 restoration companies that can repair any damage to your home. Review your insurance policy thoroughly so you have a good understanding and have written down any questions you have about your policy. Now you’re ready to call your insurance agent to review your damages and policy coverage. If you don’t feel your agent is being fair with you and you’re not getting all that you deserve, it may be time to consider calling a public adjuster to assist you. They are trained professionals that can take the burden of negotiating with your agent on your behalf. Some people prefer to call a public adjuster immediately because they either don’t have time for all the details involved. A public adjuster is a licensed expert that is trained in insurance so is often more qualified to ensure you get what you deserve from your claim. They represent you exclusively whereas your insurance agent and their adjusters work solely for your insurance company. This can mean they will try to payout as little as they can so they can save money. In other words, they do not have your best interest in mind but a public adjuster does.

How To Maximize Your Insurance Claim Payout For The Newbury Park Fires?

Families in Newbury Park were fearful of losing everything they owned after wind-driven wildfires rushed toward their homes and forced evacuations. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones assured them that many homeowners insurance policies cover additional living expenses incurred by a mandatory evacuation. Carl Campbell of Newbury Park, whose home received smoke damage, told NBC4 he worried about filing an insurance claim for fear his rates would go up. To maximize your payout on an insurance claim, keep a hard copy of all documentation and detailed notes of correspondence with your insurance company or store it in the cloud and/or a flash drive. Include who you spoke to and what was discussed. Keep a list of everything you own and detail every item you lost and file a claim for each. Keep receipts of every penny you spend on food, lodging and clothing while your are displaced or else you won’t be fully reimbursed. If you have over $10,000 of damages and loss, you may want to hire a public adjuster, an expert who can help expedite the claims process so you receive your settlement more quickly.

Newbury Park Safety And Preparedness Fair

24 local organizations came out to be part of the first Safety and Preparedness Fair in Newbury Park including local emergency response teams, the county sheriff’s, fire departments, the Red Cross, Ventura County Public Health and several volunteer organizations that provide disaster relief. Residents from all over came out to learn about aspects of emergency preparedness and to participate in instruction and demonstrations from firefighters and EMT’s. CPR training was offered by Gold Coast and American Medical Response. A family of four quickly learned that what they see in the movies isn’t necessarily accurate. Mike Stillwagon, community health services manager for the medical response groups said he and other EMT’s wanted to stress that bystander CPR can make a difference between life and death. “Only 30 percent of cardiac arrest victims get help from a bystander, so by doing training and preparation, we hope more people can provide help before 911 even arrives,” he said. Several attendees learned about fire safety and put on firefighter suits. Captain Randy Burdick gave kids a tour of their fire engine as well. The event gave residents a chance to take stock of what they already knew and what else they needed to be aware of. Specialists with nonprofit groups and government agencies that work in disaster relief had an opportunity to speak directly with community residents. Volunteers with the Thousand Oaks Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, had electric and gas meters on display to teach people how to turn them off in an emergency. Nicholas Maddox, a DART volunteer said they did a walk around his neighborhood asking people if they knew how to shut off the water, gas and electric meters and “Most didn’t know how to shut anything off.” He went on to say that “Fairs like this are important to educate people about taking simple steps to avoid disaster.” Health director, Valerie Rhaney stated “People want the training because they know that FEMA may not get to them, the fire department may not get to them and they might have to depend on themselves and their neighbors. Disaster preparedness starts at the community level, so the more people that are educated, the better we’ll all be prepared.”

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