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When Should I Consider Hiring A Public Adjuster?

When a commercial business or a homeowner suffers a loss of magnitude of over $55,000, whether it be from theft, a fire, water damage, earthquake, aircraft, marine, transportation, collapse or other like incidents, it might be time to consider professional assistance, especially if past experience with an insurance company has been a challenge. A public adjuster can help in a variety of ways to recoup the loss of a homeowner and relieve you of the additional time and stress of the insurance claim process. It’s also helpful to hire a public adjuster If the insurance company has already sent one of their own adjusters out to assess the damage and you don’t agree with the quote or you’d like a balanced third party opinion.

Commercial Building Fire

Convenience Of Having An Expert On Your Side

Even if you read your policy from cover to cover, you will not know how the insurance company interprets and applies numerous and lengthy clauses and endorsements to the policy. There are laws and statutes that apply to the insurance industry that you may not even be aware of. A public adjuster has daily experience in legal matters of claims and can answer questions that may seem nebulous to the insured. They will guide you through the process to make sure all of your questions are answered plus you won’t have the hassle of dealing with the claim process. You can safeguard your interests by employing a public adjuster as they are experts in assessing property damage, interpreting insurance policies and help you receive a prompt and fair settlement. An insurance policy typically contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations and many complex details that will impact the magnitude of your loss. Often, insured’s settle for less than they deserve because they don’t fully understand the details of their policy.

When you submit a claim to an insurance company yourself, you face a highly trained adjuster who represents the insurance company’s interests and seeks to minimize your settlement. The public adjuster’s sole responsibility is to represent you, the insured. When you don’t hire a public adjuster, it’s just like fighting a court case all by yourself against an attorney who has years of legal experience. You are giving the insurance company an unfair advantage at a time when you deserve equal and proper representation. They will relieve you of the time consuming process and difficulty involved in preparing and filing an insurance claim and protecting your property after a loss.

Maximizing Settlement

A public adjuster will ultimately see to it that you get every penny you are entitled to receive for your damages that may be overlooked by the insured. Although there is a fee associated with hiring a public adjuster, you usually get much more than the insurance company would offer you. For their services, public adjusters receive a percentage of the money they collect on your behalf which may vary slightly with different companies. Adjusters work on a fee basis meaning that the more they collect for you the more they are paid. Some people make the mistake of thinking that by hiring a public adjuster, that their fee will reduce the money the insured receives. The way to look at it is that an adjuster more times than not recovers much more than you could ever recover on your own which makes it a win-win situation for both the adjuster and you. You don’t have to pay any out of pocket money.

Minimize The Grief And Recovery Time Of Your Loss

Often the insured spends twice the time struggling for a settlement as a public adjuster only to receive a substantial amount of what the adjuster could have secured. As a home or business owner suffering a significant loss, the additional stress of handling a claim on your own isn’t worth it and prolongs the grieving process of your loss. When you hire an expert to handle the details of your claim, this frees you up to work on the recovery process of rebuilding your home or business foundation. Also, every public adjuster understands the sense of urgency you feel and the desire you have to quickly resume your daily life. They will do everything in their power to ensure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently. By hiring a public adjuster, you will feel more confident that your rights are being protected by a professional who is working for you.

Many people do not have enough spare time to follow up with the insurance company and if an accident resulted in injury or fatality to a family member you would want to be spared from dealing with the insurance company yourself. These are moments when a public adjuster can step in to facilitate your claims in a timely manner, giving you peace of mind that your needs and interest will be met and protected when you need it most.