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Pride Public Adjusters Inc. has the most experienced Content Loss Insurance Claim Adjusters and an independent adjusting company offering Content Claim adjusting services and private insurance claim help to Commercial businesses industrial Residential property owners requiring help with an insurance loss in United States and international Countries.

Content Loss And Valuation Specialists  Contents Claims Recovery

“Contents insurance” refers to coverage for property you own. This type of insurance offers you protection for your personal property that you keep in your home. These include jewelry, electronics, heirlooms etc.

When it comes to unfair claims practice/conduct (also known as bad faith insurance claims); by insurance companies, content damage claims often tend to end in bad faith.

The Content Claims Public Adjusters at Pride Adjusters Inc., know how to quantify and value what’s inside a policyholder’s home, business or industrial or commercial entity.

Many contents claim recovery cases are handled by an insurance companies desk adjuster. They follow a set of guidelines, approving or denying your claim. Worse still they use uniform pricing data.


Here at Pride Public Adjusters we use a much more thorough Contents Valuation process, that includes visits to the affected sites. Not only do we obtain visual proof, we are expert at policy interpretations and representing our clients.

Our content claims valuation services include:

Pre-loss list and value of contents
Detailed and accurate report
Better information to settle claims faster
Assistance with the burden of proving a claim

We understand that a “couch” is not the same thing as a vintage antique couch that you spent time scouring yard sales, estate sales and auctions to obtain. We know there is more to contents claims than meets the eye!

There are 3 terms that affect the amount of your contents claim recovery:

a). Depreciation,

the loss in value from any and all causes not limited to age, wear and tear. The “typical” contents claim process is: the claimant (with help from an experienced public adjuster) prepares a detailed list of every single lost, damaged or destroyed item noting approximate age, value, and replacement cost.

The insurance company adjuster/insurer depreciates certain items to account for their age, and cuts a check for what’s called “ACTUAL CASH VALUE” (“ACV”) of the entire inventory. Once you replace items your insurer generally owes you the balance between the ACV and what it actually cost you to replace or repair, (subject always to your individual policy’s wording and limits).

b). Actual Cash Value (“ACV”)

ACV is the “old” price of an item (before) pre-loss, sometimes explained as the price a willing buyer would have paid you immediately before the event that caused your loss. Some policies limit payouts to “ACV” and that’s all they pay. If you’ve got an ACV policy, you’ll probably need to argue for less depreciation to be taken on major items – this is why you want to engage the services of an expert Public Adjuster.

Be advised, once the check is cut, that’s all you’ll get, regardless of what it costs to actually replace what you had. Be wise, don’t go it alone. We understand there is more to your valuables than monetary compensation! No amount of money can replace a lifetime of memories.

Most policies these days are “REPLACEMENT COST”, (“RC”) policies because they’re supposed to cover the cost of replacing what you’ve lost. To collect the full amount you’re entitled to under an RC policy, you have to actually replace the items and send the receipts to the insurer with a demand for the balance they owe you. Insurers don’t volunteer to pay — you insist.

RC is the “new” price of what it would cost to actually repair or replace a damaged or destroyed item.

Sounds simple enough right? Not so, as we have indicated, this is one area in which you can suffer a “bad faith” outcome.

Every disaster brings with it damage and loss under unique circumstances. A public adjusters role is to find the LEGAL path that works best for your claims recovery process! Do NOT negotiate for a “cash-out” settlement at or close to policy limits. Things ALWAYS end costing more than you are paid. You ALWAYS end up with bigger out of pocket costs!

Contents Claims Adjusting Is Tedious, Time Consuming and Few Insurance Carriers Do It Right