Public Adjuster Reviews & Testimonials:

Customer satisfaction is top priority here at Pride Public Adjusters, as such, we love hearing feedback from our clients. We are proud of our 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp and other review sources as the best public adjusting company in the United States and international countries.
Here are what some of them had to say about us.

[quote]When my friend Bruce Massman recommended Pride Public Adjusters, I was a bit skeptical, but after seeing them increase our claim from $667,000 to $1,800,000.00. Well that says it all. “

Ron Rader, Sior

[quote]On behalf of Dynasty Property Management and myself, I want to thank you and the entire team of experts at Pride Adjusters for all your team did to help us get our claim paid. Pride’s ability to substantially increase the insurance company’s initial offer of $228,000.00 to $782,750.00 was extremely impressive. Pride Adjusters is a true testament that you can still find true value and companies that deliver what they promise. Your team consistently executes innovative strategies that have us saying Wow! Look at those insurance claims recovery results!”

Andy Kaufman, Dynasty Property Management

[quote]There is no one better at maximizing your insurance claims, than Pride Public Adjusters”

Robert Cohen, Four Seasons Hotel

[quote]I am an insurance agent myself and have been for over 30 years. My husband and I have owned many homes and several apartment complexes. We filed our first claim in eight years and after waiting for 3 months for an adjuster and another two months for an engineer they sent, my insurance company said my claim was under my $1,000 deductible. It was then that I got extremely upset and called Pride Public Adjusters. Within 30 days they inspected my home, had a roofing consultant, an industrial hygienist, a certified infrared technician and other professionals inspect the damage, and sent me a check from my insurance company for almost $28,000 after applying my $1,000 deductible. They were extremely polite, efficient, and obtained excellent results. I would recommend them to anyone with an insurance claim in these difficult times. I no longer work in the insurance industry because insurance companies have grown difficult to deal with and the customer service is no longer there. That is why anyone with an insurance loss needs Pride Adjusters to act on their behalf and eliminate the stress!”

Sally & Troy Bosworth, Homeowners & Apartment Owners

[quote]Choosing between public adjusting companies was easy for me. Comparing the abilities of Pride to another was like night and day. Pride Public Adjusters far surpasses the competition in every way.”

Robert Massey, Dynasty Property Management

[quote]My friend referred me to Pride Public Adjusters, Inc.,and I have to say I was a bit skeptical as I have been misled by others promising results and always coming up short. Pride Public Adjusters, Inc., have proven themselves to me and five of my personal friends and family, they have gone the distance and stayed persistent in achieving some amazing results when we felt completely frustrated dealing with all the insurance company delay tactics, attempts to low ball our insurance claim and poor claims handling practices. I have invited them to my family functions as I feel everyone should have someone like them close by when disasters happen.”

Katherine Abramson, Multi-Housing Property Owner

[quote]I am a senior risk manager at a large manufacturing firm who recently used your services to assist us with our insurance company. I just had to write and let you know how satisfied I am with your team and the results your organization was able to achieve! The business interruption calculations allowed us to get additional coverage and payment that the insurance company adjuster denied, the machinery replacement costs were finally paid per your expert evaluations a 400% increase, not to mention the fact that your team was able to successfully reduce the amount of depreciation the insurance company was attempting to apply. I honestly thought I could handle this insurance claims process myself; BOY was I wrong and at the same time grateful for the assistance your team was able to provide. You truly made me look like a hero to my superiors. I am so glad that I took a chance on you!”

Michael Ferguson, Senior Director of Risk Management – Manufacturing Plant

[quote]The very next day after your presentation, we had an episode unfold at our property…the insurance company adjuster came out with their PREFERRED team of consultants and began the process of denying coverage stating most of the damage was pre-existing as you stated they would. I truly believe that if not for your presentation, we would have had no idea what our insurance company truly owed us. The great financial loss to our congregation after we had already been through a disaster would be another disaster we would have to deal with…because of your presentation, we were able to completely rebuild our church to the current building codes. I have spoken to many of the board members and we would like to host a thank you dinner for all your employees and experts. Thursday and Fridays around 7:00pm would be best, please let us know when your schedule permits. I just want to thank you for sharing your expertise and seeing us through the disaster recovery process, I honestly feel your team helped save our church.”

S.Shubert, Church Secretary

[quote] I have nothing but praise for Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. Your team came in with a crew of engineers, roofing consultants, and inspectors, did a ton of detailed paperwork and many supplemental reports, dealt with our insurance company adjusters, and within months you came through with over $1 million dollars of additional insurance money. You kept us informed along the way, and you were there for us. Thank goodness for Pride Public Adjusters.”

Jonathan Seeley, President Condominium Association