Crime Scene Cleanup Public Claims Adjuster

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. is a worldwide crime scene cleanup claims adjusting company specializing in complex and large loss property damage claims involving:

• Commercial Properties
• Industrial Properties
• High-End Residential Homes
• Celebrity Homes
• High-Rise Condo Buildings
• Apartment Complexes
• Information Systems
• Aviation Claims
• Shopping Centers
• Hotels
• Business Interruption
• Crop Damage
• Maritime
• Workers Comp
• Transportation
• Liability

Dealing with the devastating after-effects of a violent crime, involving blood or bodily fluids, at your home or business is overwhelming. At Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. we have extensive experience handling these situations, both discreetly and compassionately. As experts in the insurance field, we understand the insurance policy verbiage and how to get our clientele the maximum payout they are entitled to under their policy. Because of the emotional stress caused by such tragedy, you should strongly consider not attempting to manage a crime scene cleanup claim on your own. You need a company that is looking out for your best interests and committed to getting you the maximum settlement that you are entitled under your policy.

When a violent crime causes damage to your home or place of business, Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. will respond immediately and accordingly. We will evaluate your homeowners or business insurance policy and make contact with the insurance company adjuster. Our certified public adjusting professionals will conduct a damage assessment and compile a detailed inventory of cleanup and repair costs. Our team will prepare and submit all required insurance forms in a timely manner and keep you apprised along the way. Additionally, we assist our clients with making arrangements for temporary housing or temporary business relocation. We will hire professionals to remove, disinfect and deodorize any bio-hazardous materials, blood, and human remains, sparing you of the emotional anguish associated with this process.

When an unexpected crime involving blood or bodily fluids damages your property, hiring Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. will help in your healing process by alleviating some of the difficulties moving forward. As an advocate for you and your loss, we will work vigorously on your behalf throughout the entire claim process until you have received the most advantageous settlement possible.