Equipment Machinery Breakdown Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. has the most experienced equipment machinery breakdown insurance claim adjusters specializing in complex and large equipment and machinery breakdown claim losses in United States and International Countries. If you are interested to know what does your equipment breakdown coverage covers and the examples of the coverage for home owners, commercial businesses and industrial properties, the format and how the coverage is explained in your policy, our licensed public adjusters are capable of explaining the details and definitions for you.
There may be exclusions in your specific coverage that may or may not work against you, such as interruption loss or re-location cost etc.

Equipment breakdown claims are also knows as:

-Boiler and Machinery Claims and/or
-Systems Breakdown Claims
-Machinery Insurance Damage Claims

Equipment Machinery Breakdown Claim Adjusters

 What Is Systems Breakdown Insurance Coverage?

Commercial Properties and Businesses that operate or rely on equipment for the purpose of generating revenue are eligible to submit equipment breakdown claims.

Due to the global economy, increased system complexities and the inter dependency between systems; a breakdown in Asia, can severely impact you in the USA.

Standard property policies do provide coverage for the structure, contents, and potential loss of revenue in the event of a loss.  However, equipment breakdown is often times excluded.  To avoid a coverage gap, property owners also need an Equipment Breakdown policy.  Systems breakdown insurance policies are designed to cover the loss of equipment and systems installed in buildings.

Does your Residence, Business, Commercial Entity, or Industrial Operation use:

-Heaters, coolers or refrigerators?
-Communication Networks, Telephone systems & Information Systems?
-A factory or manufacturer or goods processing?
-Equipment to sell, transport, deliver and keep track of sales?

Answering yes to these questions qualifies for Equipment and machinery breakdown Insurance claim 



The Equipment Breakdown policy covers loss and damage to insured equipment and resulting loss of revenue (Business Income) while the equipment is being repaired or replaced.  Normal wear and tear is not a part of the coverage.

The policy can be endorsed to include Contingent Business Income.  This covers you in the event a critical component of your business e.g., a vendor or supplier can’t meet their obligations you the insured due to a mechanical breakdown of their own.  The 2011 Icelandic Volcano:-

The eruption, which began Wednesday, already is causing massive dislocation across Europe. By late Sunday, more than 63,000 flights had been canceled in 23 European countries, stifling the lifeblood of the continent’s economy. Because few planes are flying, travelers can’t travel, machinery parts can’t get to factories, food sellers can’t transport their goods, and businesses are finding business increasingly difficult to conduct.

The economic ripples are being felt worldwide. In the USA, air carriers canceled 310 flights to and from Europe on Sunday, according to the Air Transport Association, which represents most major U.S. airlines. Because of the volcano, Kenya‘s hothouse flowers — responsible for 20% of that African nation’s exports — are rotting in warehouses rather than winging their way to Europe.

What Do Boiler/Mechanical & Machinery Claims Cover? 

-Electronic Equipment – Fax Machines, Copiers, electrical motors
-Machinery/Mechanical Equipment – Transformers, motors, voltage regulators/meters, generators, gear shifts
-Boilers & Pressure Vessels- engines, pumps, compressors etc
-Heating & Cooling (i.e. Air conditioning and refrigeration)
-Information and Telecommunication Systems e.g., telephones and computers
-Production systems
-Renewable & Alternative energy – e.g wind turbines
-Hull Damage – Aircraft Machinery & Marine Machinery

 Equipment and Machinery Claims that Pride Public Insurance Adjusters handles also include:

-Business Interruption Claims
-Water Damage and/or Flood Damage
-Hurricane Damage & Tornado Claims
-Windstorms And Hail Damage Claims
-Fire Damage & Smoke And Soot Damage
-Consequential Damage e.g., Earthquake Damage