Frozen Water Pipe Insurance Claim Adjuster

Pride Public Adjusters is a Frozen Water Pipe Damage Claim Adjuster and an independent adjusting firm offering private insurance claim help to Commercial, industrial businesses and Residential property homeowners requiring help with an insurance loss due to Frozen Water Pipe damage.


Frozen pipes damage and frozen pipes water damage claims go hand in hand with wintry weather. The recent spell of winter snow storms and ice storms that have plagued the USA have seen a marked increase in Property Damage Claims.
Frozen and broken water pipes rank No. 2 behind hurricanes in terms of both the number of homes damaged.

Typically, home owner’s insurance policies do not cover the pipes that are damaged as a result of freezing water.


Frozen Pipe Insurance Claim Adjuster
Frozen Pipes coverage includes:

  • Water damage to the home and its contents e.g., furniture and electronics, personal effects such as photo albums, clothing etc.
  • Costs relating to accessing the broken pipe(s), repairing and/or fixing the walls and floors damaged in the process as is in the case of damage from soaked and ruined drywall.
  • ALE (additional living expenses) should your home become inhabitable because of the damage. Sometimes homes have to be gutted because of mold and mildew damage covering every inch from floor to ceiling.


    Your insurance will not cover the actual plumbing repairs but will help pay for the water damage the broken and burst pipes cause. Such are the subtleties and complexities of insurance policies.

Frozen Pipe Claim Adjuster
It is to be expected that in 2014 with Polar Freezes, Nor Easters and Arctic Storms that Frozen Pipes will cause a backlog in Insurance Claims.

Working with a professional – such as a public insurance adjuster – who understands how to interpret the legal language in your policy; is advisable.

At Pride Public Adjusters, the ability to correctly interpret your policy and determine what is rightfully due you is our forte! We know how to expertly expedite your claim and help you recover from the devastating effects of frozen pipes damages.