Legal Liability Claims Public Adjusters

As a Legal Liability Claims Public Adjusters and an independent public adjusting company offering private insurance claims assistance to commercial businesses and residential property owners facing a covered insurance loss due to hurricane fire water flood storm wind hail tornado earthquake aviation cyber space content damage claims, Pride Public Insurance Adjusters is your premier public adjusting firm serving all of United States and International Countries.

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. is a worldwide public adjusting company specializing in complex liability claims involving:

•Commercial Property Liability Claims
• Bodily Injury Liability Claims
• Commercial Automobile Liability Claims
• Transportation Industry Liability Claims
• Maritime Liability Claims
• Aviation Liability Claims
• Product Liability Claims
• Premise Liability Claims
• Workers Compensation Liability Claims

Legal Liability Claims Public Adjusters

 Liability claims can come in all shapes and sizes, but each is equally difficult to manage on your own. As a business owner, handling the intricacies of a liability claim is overwhelming. The licensed adjusters, at Pride, are available 24/7 to represent the right of the insured throughout the liability claims process. Whether the claim involves a company vehicle, marine vessel, aviation equipment or a patron or visitor injury, we are trained in all facets of liability. Most business owners automatically assume the insurance company adjuster is on their side to make sure they are properly represented. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The insurance company adjuster is looking out for the best interest of the insurance company and it is our job to look out for your best interest.

As public adjusters, it our duty to fully assess the circumstances surrounding the incident in question devise a plan for protecting or clients’ losses. We fully examine our clients’ liability insurance policy and complete a full investigation of the event. We prepare all required forms for the insurance carrier, beginning with the loss notice. In many circumstances, there are multiple insurance companies and adjusters involved with the liability claim, making it that much more important to be represented by your own adjuster. With decades of experience in the insurance claims industry, we are qualified in all facets of liability, from investigation to litigation and mediation. We maintain consistency in the management of our clients’ claims and ensure that their claim is handled equitably.

By hiring the adjusters, at Pride, you can be assured that we are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing you with professional liability claims adjuster services.[/h6_underlined]