Transportation Trucking Insurance Claim Adjusters

Specialty claims such as transportation, trucking, buses, train accident claims involving the transportation industry are complex in nature. Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. understands this and has dedicated expert transportation claims public insurance adjusters and is devoted to serving our clients and helping them to resolve their claims.

Trucking Accident Claims Public Adjusters

As advocates for the insured, it is our duty to make the claims process easier on you, by providing high quality adjusters who have expertise in the transportation and insurance industries. We understand the need for immediate response and are available 24/7 to assist you with your transportation claim. From trucking companies to heavy equipment and trailer companies, as well as privately-owned transportation businesses, we are committed to representing our clients with superior services on all types of transportation losses. We maintain an expansive network of transportation specialists who assist in substantiating the claim, in order to ensure you receive the maximum payout under your insurance policy.

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. is a worldwide public adjusting company specializing in complex and large loss transportation claims involving Cargo Ships, Tanker Ships and all other type of accidents.

Public Adjsuter for Trucking Transportation Accidents.

•Fire Damage
• Smoke Damage
• Hurricane Damage
• Wind & Hail Damage
• Flood & Water Damage
• General Property Damage
• Earthquake Damage
• Tornado Damage
• Vandalism & Theft
• Liability
• Business Interruption

Prides expert adjusters are familiar with assessing trucking damage and completing detailed estimates based on the damage incurred. We have extensive experience calculating transit losses and properly mitigating the repairs. We recognize that the insurance company adjuster is focused on minimizing the loss and saving the insurance company money. We handle all communications with the insurance company adjuster so you don’t have to, along with managing any business interruption assessments and costs that may arise. All required forms and reports will be submitted in a timely manner and you will be kept apprised of the progress at all times.

No matter the type of transportation property claim you are dealing with, knowing you hired the adjusters, at Pride, will minimize your stress and maximize your insurance settlement.