Workers Compensation Claims Adjusters

PPride Public Adjusters, Inc. is a worldwide public adjusting company specializing in complex workers compensation claims involving:

•Privately-Owned Corporations
• Industrial Industry
• Agricultural industry
• Aviation Industry
• Shopping Centers
• Hotel Industry
• Maritime Industry
• Transportation Industry

Most employees are covered by workers compensation insurance, except for certain people exempt by state regulations. Workers comp coverage protects the employee who have injured, become ill or died in a work-related accident. Workers compensation insurance also provides protection for the employer from being sued by the injured employee. Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. have decades of experience working on behalf of the insured regarding workers compensation claims. If you think your workers comp claim may be challenged by the insurance company, hiring the professionals at Pride is your best choice. We represent the rights of the insured and specialize in workers compensation claims. We are familiar with every states workers comp regulations and the rights of the insured, under their insurance policy.

The insurance company hires adjusters to represent their interest and make determinations regarding the claim and so should you. Their goal is to undermine the injury, resulting in a denied claim of least amount of payout for the claim. We work vigorously to collect all of the required information, including medical records to corroborate your claim. As your representative, we will communicate with the insurance company’s adjuster, on your behalf, so you can focus on your physical rehab. Our licensed adjusters understand the language in the workers comp policy and know how to execute the policy coverage.

When an unexpected work-related accident affects your ability to do your job, hiring Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. will ease your mind, knowing that your claim and best interests are being looked after by some of the best adjusters around.