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Spasibo! ….An Expression Of Gratitute from Pride Public Adjusters Inc.

As 2013 comes to a close, Pride Adjusters would like to thank the Russian community all over U.S. which has been very supportive, and a large part of our client base over the past 18...

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Holiday Fires Safety tips from Pride Public Adjusters

Winter holidays are arguably the most festive time of the year, where friends and families gather together to celebrate and exchange gifts. Along with these cheerfully joyous moments, danger is always lurking around the home....

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Could Los Angeles withstand a ‘megaquake’? A Public Adjuster’s take on Earthquake Preparedness.

As cities grow and technology evolves, the increasing level of complexity enhances vulnerability to earthquakes. It’s not a question of if the San Andreas fault ruptures in Southern California, but when. This was the message...

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Tweeted Party Leads To $1 Million Burglary Loss

Sixteen teens have been arrested for allegedly holding a party in an empty Southern California mansion and stealing or destroying over $1 million worth of property. High school students tweeted about plans to party in...

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