Tweeted Party Leads To $1 Million Burglary Loss

Mansion theft of $1M

Sixteen teens have been arrested for allegedly holding a party in an empty Southern California mansion and stealing or destroying over $1 million worth of property.

High school students tweeted about plans to party in the backyard of a multimillion-dollar La Habra Heights mansion while the home owner was out of town, Lt. Arthur Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Industry Station said to The Huffington Post. During the Nov. 23 party, the teens broke into the home and destroyed and stole over $1 million worth of property.

Stolen items include a mounted, taxidermied snow leopard, a suit of armor with a helmet and shield, military hats, nine Armani and other designer suits, Rolex watches, jewelry, electronics and more, according to the department. —-Full story here…

(Images courtesy of ABC7 News)