Baltimore riots and the after fact damage-Baltimore riots 2015

The latest riots in Baltimore have effected everyone living in that city and have caused school and may other closures. With many stores and commercial businesses looted and burnt down it has left part of the city that was within the riot zone shut down.
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Defiant protesters squared off with police in some parts of Baltimore well after a citywide curfew went into effect Tuesday night.

Baltimore Riots Fire Damage Public Adjusters

Baltimore riots 2015

Many protesters didn’t budge after 10 p.m. curfew. Police said they have a “wide range of discretion” with how they enforce it, Baltimore police Capt. Eric Kowalczyk said before the curfew took effect.

“Officers are going to use common sense,” he said.

Authorities, city leaders and fellow residents appealed for calm a day after the city devolved into chaos.

Some 2,000 National Guardsmen and more than 1,000 police officers from across Maryland and neighboring states were assigned to the streets of Baltimore on Tuesday night, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said.

“This combined force will not tolerate violence or looting, which has led to the destruction of property and put innocent Marylanders at risk.”
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