Dallas Hail Storm

Drivers and homeowners who got hammered by hail on Wednesday took a hit again with Friday morning’s storms.

The damage is really concentrated in the Lakewood area of Dallas, where many cars were pummeld by hail.

Some owners have tried to creatively cover the damage with things like shower curtains, weights, sleeping bags or trash bags — anything to try to keep out the rain.

“This is bad, really bad,” says Kemper Insurance Adjuster Doug Tholl.  “This is worse than we usually get.”

Tholl was out Friday morning assessing the hail damage to his customer’s cars in the rain.  He says he hasn’t seen it this bad, since the Irving hail storm of 1995.

In many cases, entire windows are missing.

“Every single car here was damaged,” said Lakewood on the Trail resident Katie Stoudenmire. “Nothing had been done to them, now not only is there glass inside, they’re soaking wet.”

Tholl urges people to get tarps  for their car or home to try to prevent more damage than what’s been done by the hail.  But, Tholl says he doesn’t hold it against clients during the claims process if they can’t cover up the damage.

“There are some people who might not be able to do it. We try not to make judgments on that.  We try to take care of the person as quickly as possible,” said Tholl.

Tholl said customers with damage should make a claim quickly, so the car can get to a shop and out of the elements.