Camarillo Property Claims Help

Camarillo Property Claims Help

CAMARILLO, CA – A major fire engulfed Camarillo Springs area on the morning of May 2, 2013 and made it’s way to Point Magu jumping erratically from one hillside to another. Winds shifted that led to new closures and new evacuations but cooler airs gave firefighters a chance to get ahead of the fire in the evening hours. Firefighters were concentrated on Yerba Buena Rd. near PCH and Hidden Valley and part of PCH was closed near that area.

The fire grew to 28,000 acres and is 20% contained with 2,000 homes remaining threatened tonight. 15 homes are damaged but no homes have been destroyed. Stu Mondell from the KCAL Sky 9 helicopter was over the fire when he reported “It’s going really well for the firefighters. There’s a couple of the hot spots at the top of this mountain but these are the only open flames we’ve seen since 8pm this evening. The fight is not over, there are still smoldering amber out there on these hillsides. There are firefighters all through this 15 square mile area trying to build up containment numbers so they can say this fire is out or is at least contained. Those numbers have not come in yet.

A huge cloud of smoke has become stagnant and collapsed then moved it’s way into the San Fernando Valley. A resident from Pacoima reported the smoke is thick with ash and smoke from this fire not the fire in Glendale. A DC-10 Supertanker was moved out to the area anticipated to drop fire retardant around the fire lines to help with containment. The Roto Helicopters were out earlier dropping water but have been put away for the night which is a good sign. However, the fire ground crews are still out in the woods flipping dirt to try to put out those hot spots. A big difference from 24 hours ago after the first big flare up. It almost looks peaceful out there now.

It’s been a tense guessing game for homeowners and firefighters on the second day. Firefighters were trying to figure out the best way to tackle it. Some residents were waiting to find out if and when they could go home. Tom Wait from KCAL 9 was out in Newbury Park talking to residents earlier. As flames raced through Hidden Hills, Firefighters raced to beat it and hold it back. At times it looked hopeless for some houses but the incredible heroic by firefighters paid off. They fought the flame from all angles, hustling up to the front lines and dousing the flames as quickly as they could. With all the animals and horses the fire was terrifying for residents. One resident reported that the fire started on their front lawn and they took matters into their own hands by using tractors, shovels of dirt and whatever else they could to put it out trying to keep their property safe. Off Hidden Road the scene was surreal but somehow firefighters managed to hold off the inferno.

Not far away in Newbury Park, mega mansions were evacuated and people heeded the evacuation warnings. A resident there reported they’ve been there 20 years and have never seen a fire get that close to their home saying it was a bit unnerving. The ash was very heavy affecting visibility. Some of the fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters had to be held back for awhile because there was so much smoke in the area. Tonight it seems more calm and under control.

A 180 degree windshift forced flames towards Malibu and Point Magu resident, Michael Driscoll’s, home at the top of Yerba Buena Rd. “When you really see the smoke and this color, it’s just scary as hell” Michael commented. He and some of his neighbors on the same road stayed despite the potential danger. One of his neighbors said “I was going to stay til the firefighters showed up. 20 years ago when this place burnt, they didn’t stay. They just brought some water and did what they had to do and took off because it’s a dead end road but this year they promised me that they were gonna stay.” Driscoll’s family left yesterday with the pets and his neighbor Brian was set to leave today but decided to stay when he saw the fire trucks show up and figured why leave since they were doing such a good job. It’s amazing there wasn’t more damage. One out building and storage truck were damaged but all the homes in that area were saved.

Residents in Newbury Park thought they were safe to stay put but suddenly found themselves set to evacuate. There were several residents who had homes in the path of the fire. As a wall of flames crept over the hillside, residents got ready to go. The sound of water dropping helicopters filled this Newbury Park neighborhood. Some stood on rooftops watching the fire line while others sprung into action watering down their rooftops. Even with a mandatory evacuation several residents decided to stand firm to protect their property. One resident sent his wife and children to stay with friends but he has no plans to leave the neighborhood he’s lived in for 30 plus years. His daughter complained of her eyes burning badly from the ash and embers burning her elbow. Winds and flames can shift suddenly and can send the fire in unexpected directions so the Fire Department urges people to take evacuation notices seriously and leave for their own safety.

Haze, smoke and a little bit of cloud cover still linger over the area. As far as conditions go in Newbury Park, humidity is creeping up which will help and the winds that started at

20 mph gusting are now sustained at 12 mph. The smoke should be blowing to the northeast and possibly the northwest. Earlier the winds were coming in from land to sea which are the hot and dry winds that were fueling the flames and the smoke out toward the ocean. Things shifted this afternoon which ended up being a good thing with cooler winds coming in from the ocean generating over the water blowing over the land which has remained steady into the evening helping to stabilize fire conditions.