Hurricane Preparedness/Commercial Property Coverage

The 2012 hurricane season has gotten off to an early start, but how many commercial property owners have adequate insurance coverage in place, if disaster strikes? 

 Unfortunately, most commercial property owners do not plan well for hurricanes, or any other type of natural disaster for that matter.  Most importantly, they do not pay enough attention to their commercial insurance policies to fully understand every detail of their coverage and how it affects them specifically.  Every commercial policy differs, as it pertains to depreciation schedules, wind claims, and wrap around policies.  Commercial property owners need to do their due diligence when obtaining coverage, to ensure that the coverage is both specific to their industry needs, as well as their geographical area and potential for disaster.

When purchasing commercial property policies, one may think the policy is comprehensive, based upon the insurance company propaganda and advertised price-point.  When in fact, the coverage may not be pertinent to the needs of the property owner.  A few extra dollars per year for an add-on or extended coverage policy can mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a disaster.  This is not to say the agents are not doing their job, BUT they do not adjust claims and they are not familiar with how the policy translates at the time of a loss.  The adjusters in the field, assessing the damage, are the ones familiar with the coverage clauses and experienced with determining what insurance companies pay and do not pay for a commercial property loss.

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. knows how to extract coverage and payment out of certain insurance policies.  We are the ones in field, assessing the damage and dealing with the insurance companies.  We see, first hand, how insurance companies attempt to short change the insured. Our adjusters have vast knowledge on handling catastrophic commercial claims, having witnessed how the insurance companies attempt to limit payouts or exclude them altogether, based on certain policy language.  For this reason, we offer annual policy check-ups and free claim reviews for commercial property owners, to prepare them for the impact of hurricanes and other natural disasters.  We strongly encourage commercial property owners to annually review their current insurance policy with their broker, risk manager and Pride Adjusters to ensure they have the necessary coverage in place should a disaster happen.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), says that in a normal year, there are about 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes.  About half of those hurricanes tend to be major ones.  With 2 named hurricanes even before the official start of the 2012 hurricane season (June 1st) and 4 named hurricanes since that time, isn’t it time to call in the professionals?

Contact Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. today to conduct a policy check up and review of your commercial insurance policy.   After all, it certainly would be better to shake hands with a seasoned claims adjuster now, rather than waiting to be looking at the insurance policy on top of a pile of rubble, in the midst of a disaster……….