Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath, Picking Up The Pieces

More than a month after Superstorm Sandy ravaged New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, property owners are still finding themselves without the basic necessities of daily living and feeling somewhat helpless regarding recovery efforts, as they pertain to filing insurance claims.

Many residents and business owners lost everything, from physical structures and automobiles, clothing and food, as well as their jobs. They have waited in countless lines for assistance from local relief centers, along with FEMA outreach and SBA (Small Business Administration) centers. Many people are still waiting for visits from their insurance carriers to estimate the damages to their homes and businesses and much of the damages sustained far outweigh the grants that FEMA extends to individuals. With the deadline for filing a claim with FEMA quickly approaching (deadline is December 31, 2012), this leaves many wondering how they will rebuild their lives without the necessary funding to do so.

All of the fancy trailers that the insurance companies drove into the storm, to satisfy the media attention, are no longer in sight. Insurance adjusters have tens of thousands of claims to sift through, potentially taking months and months to reach everyone, yet most of them have left, to return home to their families, for the holiday season, while the victims of the storm remain hopeless. Many of these folks are still without power and continue to wait patiently for a check from their insurance company to start the re-building process.

The adjusters at Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. are different. We have showed our dedication to the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by remaining on the ground, in the hardest hit areas, walking property owners step-by-step through the grueling task of processing their claims. We walk the streets, alongside those who have suffered, detailing their losses and encouraging them to be optimistic even in the most difficult of circumstances. The adjusters at Pride, spend their days pushing the insurance companies to issue check to these poor insurance forsaken people, who in good faith, never expected to be treated so poorly.

Hiring a public adjuster can help property owners to successfully navigate through the claims process, resulting in maximizing the insurance claims settlement. Bringing a public adjuster on board from the onset will minimize the confusion around insurance forms, deductibles, coverage limits and business interruption costs. If you are a property owner who has fallen victim to Superstorm Sandy, contact the expert adjusters at Pride. We will make every effort to ensure that you receive the maximum insurance settlement that you are due under your policy. We are available around the clock at 1-800-515-5450.