NFIP Extends Deadline To File Proof Of Loss For Hurricane Sandy

Last week the NFIP extended the deadline for claimants to file a Proof of Loss an additional six months.  The previous deadline was October 29, 2013 – one year from the designated date of loss.  The deadline now is April 28, 2014.

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David Miller – Associate Administrator – NFIP states;

“Because NFIP policyholders may have encountered difficulties filing a timely proof of loss, I am further extending the amount of time an insured must submit a complete, signed and sworn to proof of loss (with all documentation to fully support the claim attached) an additional six (6) months. After this further extension, the total time allowed from the date of loss is now eighteen (18) months. The authority for this waiver is found in Paragraph D of the General Conditions section of each SFIP and 44 C.F.R.§ 61.13(D).

This bulletin does not constitute a blanket waiver of the Proof of Loss requirements of the SFIP. All other provisions of Bulletin W-12092a shall apply.”

Thankfully the NFIP recognizes and admits that policyholders continue to encounter difficulties in filing the Proofs of Loss.  Repairs to most properties seem to be a moving target.  Just recently several cities handed down ordinances that required property owners to raise their structures 10 feet or more off the ground, lose their basements in their entirety, or face having their homes bulldozed to the ground.

While there are limitations with Cost of Compliance coverage, it seems every time a property owner begins to zero in on what the actual costs of repair are going to be, the target moves.  This is just one of an array of difficulties facing policyholders.

While the extension to file the Proof of Loss is applauded, timeliness is still extremely important.  It should not be considered a pass to procrastinate the actual filing as assuredly many will.

We will be following up with additional information on the actual filing along with the back up support that should accompany a Proof of Loss.  The more precise and comprehensive the back up documentation that accompanies the POL is – the greater the chance of success and a more timely response.

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