Theft Vandalism Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters has the most experienced professional Theft Vandalism Insurance Claim Adjusters working for us and ultimately for you. As an independent adjusting company offering private insurance claims help to Commercial businesses and Residential property owners requiring help with an insurance loss.
Insurance policies protect you against losses sustained as a result of vandals and or theft of your property. Vandalism and malicious mischief insurance is included in most basic commercial and homeowner policies.

These types of coverage are particularly important for properties that are not occupied during well-known periods of the day, such as with for those with homes in multiple locations e.g., winter birds.

Theft loss, burglary, vandalism and malicious mischief damage are ALL crimes of opportunity.  Theft And Vandalism Insurance Claims are often costly – as in the story of a tweeted “Ghost Party” in Southern California that lead to 1 Million in burglary loss. They are also very tedious because they require expert documentation and a thorough understanding of the coverage afforded by your insurance policy.

Did you know the period in which insurance claims can be reopened is within 5 years of reporting a loss?

Typically, many theft and vandalism insurance claims are settled for far less money than the homeowner or business owner is entitled to. Most people do not know what they are rightfully and lawfully entitled to.  If you experienced theft loss and vandalism damage and believe you did not receive the maximum settlement amount you deserve, give us a call. 1-800-515-5450 for a Free Claim Review. WE CAN HELP YOU!

You MUST make sure the insurance company adjuster reports everything you are for which you are entitled to be compensated. A public insurance adjuster is a great ally during this process!

Thefts and vandalism insurance claims present unique challenges that require special attention and added expertise.  If you have experienced property loss and damage due to Vandalism and/or theft, click here to discover what do after loss and damage.

Thefts and vandalism claims are often substantiated and supported by official police reports documenting the actual event. Be sure to file and obtain an official police report should suffer a theft loss or vandalism damage.

Insurance companies use the police reports to verify that the event for which the insurance claim is submitted actually occurred.

In the event you discover that you have lost more than previously documented, you need to file a supplemental police report and inform the insurance company.

Keep your proofs of ownership in a safe and where possible indestructible location. Anything can happen. It is best to be prepared.
Catalog Belongings

It is extremely important to have all items cataloged in your home.  Cataloging will come in very handy should you suffer any type property damage or loss. Don’t wait until you suffer loss.

You can prove ownership and value in the form video, pictures, receipts, credit card statements, appraisals, insurance policy endorsements, etc.

Accurate documentation is key in theft, vandalism and malicious mischief insurance claims. They almost always involve multiple claims e.g., Contents Claims, General Property Damage and Additional Living Expenses.

If it is valuable and significant, you should most likely have it scheduled and endorsed separately. Obtain a paid endorsement that gives you true Replacement Cost Value (RCV) for items and contents.