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 Earthquake Damage Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters is an earthquake damage claims adjuster and an independent adjusting firm offering private insurance claims help to Commercial businesses, Industrial and Residential property homeowners requiring help with an insurance loss in United States and international countries.


Earthquake Damage Insurance Claim Adjusters

Earthquake Damage Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. is a worldwide public adjusting company specializing in complex and large loss earthquake property damage claims involving:

• Earthquake Damage Claims
• Fire Damage Claims
• Smoke Damage Claims
• Hurricane Damage Claims
• Wind & Hail Damage Claims
• Flood & Water Damage Claims
• Mold & Asbestos Claims
• Tornado Damage Claims
• Vandalism & Theft Claims
• Information Systems Claims
• Maritime Claims
• Aviation Claims
• Transportation Claims
• Liability Claims
• Business Interruption Claims

Earthquakes are not normally covered in a standard homeowners or business insurance policy, yet the subsequent damage caused by the earthquake may be covered under the policy. If you have experienced earthquake damage to your home or business do not attempt to handle the claim on your own. If you do, you may find your insurance claim being denied. The seasoned adjusters at Pride are available to handle large loss claims affected by earthquakes. We advocate for the rights of the property owner. Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. has successfully handled hundreds of earthquake claims that initially have been denied by the insurance company. With decades of experience in the insurance claim industry, we understand the insurance policy vernacular and we know how to interpret coverage that otherwise might go unnoticed by the insured.

Subsequent damage from earthquakes that may be covered under the standard insurance policy includes burst pipes, water intrusion, and mechanical failures. By choosing Pride, you can be certain that we will take every step to settle your claim and ensure you are rightfully compensated for your loss. The insurance company’s adjuster is looking out for the best interest of the insurance company whereas we look out for your best interest. With an entire team of insurance claim experts on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive everything you are owed. We have a proven track record of settling client earthquake claims for considerably more than the initial settlement offer by the insurance company.

Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. will respond immediately to your request and begin the claim process by reviewing the current insurance policy coverage and completing a detailed property damage report. This includes damages to the structure and contents, repair and rebuilding costs, as well as business interruption expenses. We will appraise and evaluate the value of all contents and prepare the required reports for the insurance company. If necessary, we will hire additional experts to substantiate the claim, such as structural engineers, architects, fine art appraisers and more. Whatever steps need to be taken to expedite the most advantageous settlement of your claim is what we will do, for each and every one of our clients.

When hiring the adjusters, at Pride, you can focus your efforts on family and business, while we focus on settling the claim with the insurance company adjuster. We are experts in claims negotiations and are prepared to obtain maximum compensation, whether it is through consultation, mediation, appraisal, or litigation.

When an unexpected earthquake damages your property, hiring Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. will ease your stress, knowing we have your best interests in mind and you have the best representation available.

Earthquake insurance is a form of property insurance that pays the policyholder in the event of an earthquake that causes damage to the property. Most ordinary insurance policies do not cover earthquake loss.

Earthquake insurance policies typically feature a high deductible, which makes it useful if the entire home is destroyed, but not useful if the home is merely damaged. Rates depend on location and the probability of an earthquake.


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