Aviation Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Insurance Adjusters are Aviation Insurance Claims Specialists. We know how to deal with of the complexities of interpreting your aircraft insurance policy and the coverage you are due. Many aircraft insurance offer a broad policy form providing both hull claims and liability claims coverage.
We are an Aviation, Commercial Airliners, Cargo Aircraft independent adjusting company offering private insurance claim help with an insured loss due to Passenger Public Liability Insurance Combined Single Limit (CSL) Ground risk hull insurance not in motion Ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing) In-flight insurance damage in United States and International Countries.


Aviation Insurance Claim Adjusters

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 partially submerged in the Hudson river, after an emergency landing just outside LaGuardia international airport in New York.

Pride Public Insurance Adjusters are experienced professionals in handling your Aviation Damage Insurance Claims.

For example as a part of this policy, you carry “all-risk” hull coverage and have included an expansion endorsement, which provides a small amount of extra expense for substitute aircraft coverage (“extra expense.”)

The term “all risk” in the insurance industry tends to be misleading.
It does not mean that everything is covered. It means that everything is covered EXCEPT for that which is SPECIFICALLY excluded in your aviation insurance policy.

We can assist in adjusting commercial airline losses, including but not limited to:



An aviation liability insurance claim – Delta airlines luggage container lodged in the engine.


Foreign object damage on a turbine jet engine gets repairs to restore the aircraft to operating condition.










A better reading/interpretation of “ALL RISK”  is … “subject to terms of the policy, exclusions and conditions.”

Not sure if you have sufficient coverage?  Consider getting a NO COST Aviation Damage Claims Policy Review!

We are also one of the top notch commercial aviation damage insurance adjusting companies.

Commercial Aviation Adjusting requires a specialist to help navigate the marketplace and assist policy holders recover from loss & damage!
Our Aviation Claims Adjusters are proficient in dealing with Aircraft Hull Adjusting, Aircraft Cargo Claims & Liability Claims.

Other types of Aviation Claims we handle:

– Passenger Liability Insurance
– Public liability insurance
– Combined Single Limit (CSL)
– Ground risk hull insurance not in motion
– Ground risk hull insurance in motion (taxiing)
– In-flight insurance

Aviation claims, whether at the commercial or private level require thorough analysis of the damages incurred and vast knowledge in the insurance claims and aviation industries.