Business Interruption Claims Adjusters

Business Interruption insurance claims coverage is viewed as one of the most difficult coverage for public insurance adjusters to adjust. We have top rated professional business interruption claims adjusters in the industry and as an independent adjusting company offering Business Interruption Claims help to business owners requiring help with business interruption claims.

Business interruption claim is tied to a loss claim at a physical insured location (a commercial property, business
or an industrial factory) and involves in determining a dollar amount of earnings of the business including expenses that continually occur because of the loss. To determine what the business would have earned
had the loss not occurred, it is necessary to look to the past records as well as consider how future plans and trends and changes would have affected the business operations and revenue generation.
Business interruption coverage comes in many forms and should be structured by the agent/broker for the particular client’s operations and needs.


Business Interruption Claims Adjusters.

The wrath of Hurricane Sandy interfered with daily operations for businesses in Coney Island, NY. Loss of revenue also referred to as business interruption insurance claims helps local merchants offset costs associated with the lengthy recovery process.

Pride Public Insurance Adjusters are experienced professionals in handling Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Experiencing a catastrophic event that interrupts the daily operations of your business can send a business into a tail spin. As a business owner, you do everything you can to protect your business and plan for unexpected events, but when they happen you can still feel overwhelmed. The financial implications of business interruption caused by a disaster have the potential for closing a business indefinitely if not handled properly. Business interruption claims are often identified as the most complex coverage to adjust. There is extensive documentation that must be filed when a disaster such as hurricane, flood, wind or fire forces a business to close temporarily. At the same time, there are bills to be paid, salaries to maintain, services to supply and/or products to manufacture and other ongoing expenses.

Business Interruption claims Adjusters

Although natural disasters aren’t among frequent risk factors for businesses(as illustrated above). The scope of damages typically incurred from any single natural disaster event, far exceeds most other business risks, and pose periodic to permanent business interruption losses.


When the physical property of the business has suffered a loss, hiring the licensed adjusters at Pride can help to relieve the stress involved with filing and managing a business interruption claim. We are available 24/7 to respond to your request and provide you with the best representation for your claim. We have managed hundreds of business interruption claims, worldwide, and focus our efforts on attaining the full loss compensation you are entitled to under your insurance policy. As experts in the insurance claim industry, we know how to read and interpret the language of the business interruption policy and extract the coverage that may otherwise be ignored by the insurance company adjuster.

We handle large loss and complex business interruption claims involving:

Our team of disaster experts will fully assess and calculate the physical property damage and the value of all damaged contents, develop a detailed estimate of repair and rebuilding costs, assist with temporary relocation of the business and maintain all communications with the insurance company adjuster. We recognize your need to focus your efforts on re-establishing the daily operations of your business.

You can count on Pride Public Insurance Adjusters to accurately assess revenue losses, restoration costs, and any incurred or related costs to the business interruption claim, minimize the business interruption losses, and expedite the property repairs and contents replacement in order to get your business up and running again.


Business Interruption Claims Adjusters