Marine Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters is an independent adjusting firm and a Maritime Claim Adjusters offering private insurance claims help to Commercial Shipping, Cargo ships, Tanker Ships, Luxury Yachts and all other marine vessels due to accidents or natural disasters requiring help with an insurance damage loss in United States and International Countries.


Maritime Insurance Claims Adjusters

La Costa Concordia cruise ship listing over from taking in water after it ran aground off the Italian coast, and damaged the hull.

Pride Public Adjusters is a worldwide claims adjusting company specializing in complex and large loss maritime, commercial cargo shipping & tanker ships damage claims and:
• Aviation Claims
• Maritime Claims
• Liability Claims
• Fire Damage Claims
• Smoke Damage Claims
• Hurricane Damage Claims
• Wind & Hail Damage Claims
• Flood & Water Damage Claims
• Earthquake Damage Claims
• Mold & Asbestos Claims
• Tornado Damage Claims
• Vandalism & Theft Claims
• Information Systems Claims
• Transportation Claims
• Business Interruption Claims
Our multi-disciplinary team has vast knowledge and transactional experience working with both large and small entities on maritime damage claims. Our practice and experience range from commercial manufacturing and shipping/cargo clients to pleasure craft owners and salvage companies. We understand the intricate details involved with filing maritime claims and are focused on maximizing the insurance payout for our clients. The insurance company has adjusters working on their side and so should you. Our team of professionals is educated on maritime law and complex maritime litigation.

la_costa_concordia_hull_damage La Costa Concordia Hull Damage

At Pride, we handle property and injury claims arising out of the operation of maritime vessels and understand how catastrophic events, such as storm damage, fire damage or vandalism can interrupt the day-to-day operations of a business and one’s personal life. With maritime claims, it is critical to accurately assess the damage, determine the precise cause of the damage and understand the coverage limits under the policy endorsement. Attempting to manage a maritime claim in your own, may result in being under compensated.

By hiring the adjusters, at Pride, you can be assured that we are dedicated to excellence and committed to negotiating the most substantial settlement of your maritime claim.