How do public adjusters work?

Many insured whose insurance company is not keeping up their end of the bargain and is not willing to pay the proper settlement ask themselves, how do public adjusters work?
Public insurance adjusters work by preparing the documentation and other necessary information and presenting your claim to your insurance company, making sure that you achieve an equitable adjustment that includes everything you’re entitled to according to the details of your specific insurance policy.
Your public adjuster will take a physical inventory, obtain all relevant property appraisals during the claims process and ensure that all provisions of your policy are met.


Public Insurance Claim Adjuster.

A public adjuster is able to assist you by complying with your policy requirements in a timely manner and will preserve evidence that might have been inadvertently overlooked or destroyed by you, your employees, or your insurance company appraisers. Keep in mind that the more precisely and completely your claim is put together and presented to your insurance company, the faster you will achieve an equitable adjustment for your claim.
Most people who file an insurance claim rely completely on their insurance company appraisers to calculate the total amount of damage and what they’re owed.
That’s not the way to go if you want to be paid all you’re owed based on your insurance policy. The way to settle for all you are owed is to do your own calculations and research, provide complete documentation to your insurer, make a written demand for payment and keep following up until you get paid. Particularly when it comes to a large loss in which case to accomplish this properly and in a timely manner you may need help from a professional public adjuster to do the research and calculations.

After the documentation of damages is completed, we will work directly with the assigned insurance adjuster to negotiate a fair and beneficial settlement of the claim. We have access to all the necessary professionals to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under your claim policy. We may seek the assistance of a litigation specialists or forensic property engineers to provide additional means to substantiate the claim. It is our job to manage the claims process, so you can attend to getting your business back to running at full capacity. Pride Public Adjusters, Inc. has extensive experience dealing with large commercial property losses claims that run into the $100m+ category. Our professional adjusters will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable adjusters are on the job and representing your interests throughout the claims process.

At Pride, we also offer commercial policy consulting services, where we review your current commercial policy to ensure you have the proper coverage in place.

We handle all types of catastrophic claim situations:

Fire Damage Claims
Smoke Damage Claims
Hurricane Damage Claims
Wind & Hail Damage Claims
Flood & Water Damage Claims
Earthquake Damage Claims
Mold & Asbestos Claims
Tornado Damage Claims
Vandalism & Theft Claims
Information Systems Claims
Maritime Claims
Aviation Claims
Transportation Claims
Liability Claims
Business Interruption Claims

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Pride Public Adjusters has extensive experience dealing with large commercial property losses. Our professional adjusters will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable adjusters are on the job.