Natural Disaster Insurance Claim Adjusters

Pride Public Adjusters has the most expert public insurance adjusters and disaster consultants with certification in the industry expert in nationwide disaster assistance.
As an independent adjusting firm offering private insurance claim help to Commercial industrial businesses Residential property homeowners with an insured loss due to hurricane, tornado, hail, wind, flood, storm, earthquake damage in United States and International Countries.

Hurricane Damage Claims Flood Damage Claims Earthquake Damage Claims


With our Nationwide Disaster Assistance and Readiness Program we are prepared and our licensed public adjusters will be there to help after a Catastrophe Strikes.

If you are a victim of a catastrophe or natural disaster and require our services, please call or contact us.

Dealing with each type of natural disaster holds its own unique challenges for the business or the property homeowner when it comes to adjusting and measuring your claim and its settlement.
With more than 25 years of experience and senior professional public adjusters in the industry than most other public adjusting firms.

Our adjusters are capable of handling large and super complex claims and have faced all types of disasters from Hurricane Sandy to Katrina and Tropical Storm Colin to major flood losses and other Catastrophic events,
which our experts successfully assisted homeowners and business owners through each disaster.

At Pride, we also offer commercial policy consulting services, where we review your current commercial policy to ensure you have the proper coverage in place.

We handle all types of catastrophic claim situations:

Fire Damage Claims
Smoke Damage Claims
Hurricane Damage Claims
Wind & Hail Damage Claims
Flood & Water Damage Claims
Earthquake Damage Claims
Mold & Asbestos Claims
Tornado Damage Claims
Vandalism & Theft Claims
Information Systems Claims
Maritime Claims
Aviation Claims
Transportation Claims
Liability Claims
Business Interruption Claims

Pride Adjusters serve globally, with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Miami, Honolulu, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas, Oklahoma, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Flowood, St Louis, Nashville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, Newark, New York, Pennsylvania and Hartford. With international offices in Sydney, Australia and London

Pride Public Adjusters has extensive experience dealing with large commercial property losses. Our professional adjusters will give you the peace of mind knowing that the most capable adjusters are on the job.